If These Walls Could Talk 2014

Group Exhibition


This year the historical building located at 401 Richmond Street is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the

building's renewal with the Urbanspace Property Group. As a celebration, the Urbanspace Property Group has

partnered with the students of the Material Art and Design Program at Ontario College of Art and Design

University, to create a specific collection of banners that exhibit the history and heritage of the building that stands

at 401 Richmond Street.


Battle 401

Silkscreen Banner

Hemp Cotton

21 x 60 in.

"Battle 401" is a banner that illustrates the

urban history of Toronto that Canadian

activist such as Jane Jacobs fought to

protect. The urban history of where the

401 Richmond building stands was in

jeopardy of being torn down to make way

for a highway. As a result, this would

have completely changed the entire urban

landscape of Toronto.

Battle 401 illustrates that the citizens of

Toronto won the battle over urban city

rights and land. It reflects the victorious

battle that 401 Richmond faced and thus

is created to suggest the imagery of that of

a flag claiming its reward.

Look Up

Digital Print Banner

Silk Sateen

24 x 63 in.

"Look Up" is a banner that literally

illustrates the ceilings of the building of

401 Richmond Street. The ceilings of

sections of the building are covered with

metal plates used for lithography printing

tests from the early 1900’s. It is uncertain

why this was done, however this is one of

the few features that still connect the

building with its rich history. Thus,

viewers are to interact with the banner

and understand the origin of its design by

looking up at the ceiling of where the

banner was hung.

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