The Invisible War

Shemagh Scarf

Polyester Yarn

Machine Knit

24 x 30 in.

A shemagh scarf is a common piece of military attire that was adopted by troops who were in combat overseas in desert regions of countries such as Afghanistan. It is a very practical form of attire and in many ways the scarf is a very prominent piece of uniform in world military history.

"The Invisible War" is a piece that was inspired by the documentary of the same name. "The Invisible War" documents the national pandemic of rape within the military where the nation is doing almost nothing to protect and bring justice to the victims of this horrific pandemic. In spite of this, this garment is not something that most would expect when speaking of the military. However, this shemagh scarf is made as a form of controversial mockery towards how this national pandemic is treated.

This shemagh scarf is machine knitted and adorned with flowers and beads using feminine colours such as that of pink

and white. The feminine theme that the scarf embodies is a loud approach to mocking the lack of justice that has been

achieved for the victims of these crimes. This is because; the military chooses to hide this truth behind a façade of so called military honour and pride. Thus, this scarf illustrates that falsified idea of honour and pride where these crimes are hidden behind a ridiculous "scarf" of lies.

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